Hope Returned

Have you ever had your hope handed back to you? Today mine was handed back to me. In July while running a battery of infertility tests I discovered I had high FSH. What does this mean? Basically my follicles aren’t producing good eggs and I was told I most likely can’t have children and only could use donor eggs. After turning to alternative medice I began going to acupuncture, changing my diet, changing to only natural skin care products and using Chinese Herbs. Today, I had my bloodwork tested again at my acupuncturists insistance. My FSH has dropped in half! I have went from someone the Doctor won’t see to someone on the borderline but they are willing to treat. I feel like hope has been handed back to me. I have a higher than 5% chance of getting pregnant and the world is full of possibilities. For those of you who have set in front of the doctor and heard those horrible words “You need to use donor eggs”, there is hope.

I spent the afternoon getting comfortable with the fact that I do indeed still have a chance to get pregnant and all is not lost. It’s a strange new feeling after four months of coming to terms with the constant thought that I probably won’t get the chance to have a child, yet here I sit with that hope handed back to me. It is a nice change and I will take the chance that I now have.

For over a year now I have wondered about my blog and what it should be about. I want to discuss women’s issues and I will because I’m passionate about them. I also think that others need to hear about my journey with infertility as I strive to become a mother, perhaps someone will be helped. Everyone, there is hope…….