Just Keeping It Real

I am human just like everyone else and less over the next few years anyone may think that I am always courageous, cheerful and strong I want to take a moment to say that I am not. The world sees me as a cheerful person but in my private moments I too have moments where I am full of despair and question whether or not I should trudge on. I ponder that all the truly great people of our time and past most likely had moments like this too yet they didn’t stop.

 Recently this weekend was one of those moments. As the reality began to engulf me that once more we would be starting yet another cycle in our efforts to conceive I grew weary and began to question should we keep going on? It was the next day as I was moping about that I remembered a Napolean Hill Quote from a book I read a few years ago “You Just Might Be Three Feet From Gold”. The lesson of the story about three feet from gold is that someone stopped digging for gold, gave up and sold their rights when it turned out they were literally three feet from gold!

With this thought in mind I let the idea wash over me that my baby could be just within grasp. It has been 19 months of negatives but next month just might be my positive and all of the sacrifice will be worth the outcome. I do not know what the future holds for us, will we have a family or will this dream remain elusive. I do know that it’s not quite time to give up yet and I know how you feel when you sit alone and cry because yet another month has passed. I dry my tears, strenghten my resolve and start the next cycle with a fresh hope yet again. I know you can too.


Welcome Everyone!

Well, it seems I am about to embark on a new blogging adventure. I keep waiting to have everything perfect before undertaking this adventure. I’m currently working and going to school full time as well leaving little time for my blogging adventures. I go back and forth on what the blog should be about and I finally am settling on women’s issues that I am concerned about and anything else that strikes my fancy on a given day. I am excited to just begin, as the days unfold and my time allows the image of the blog will change and grow as I get everything in place but alas, I must begin to write. I have numerous things spinning around in my head to share right now and need to begin to formulate everything into a cohesive place for discussion. Let’s sit back and begin a dialogue about the things that matter. I look forward to our discussions as the blog begins to take shape.