Changes Unseen

Last week I was talking with a friend and mentioned that I don’t feel I am accomplishing anything right now. I can’t write down my goal list toward success and check things off because I’m so busy being a mom right now. The conversation turned to how we change on the inside long before it’s ever noticed by anyone on the outside.

My past year and a half has been like this! I am not the same person and I have grown so much during my pregnancy and being a mom. There have been many moments of insight regarding myself but they aren’t things that I can check off on a list and say “I accomplished this step toward my life goals today.” The reality is that I have made huge strides toward my future. These inward steps can’t be seen by everyone in the world yet but they are the foundation that is required to accomplish all the future goals I will have for myself!

In the past months I have become more confident in myself. I am beginning to realize that I have the power and energy necessary to become who I want to be and I don’t need others to validate me. This is huge for me to realize that the energy I feel is mine. It’s not someone or something else sending me energy it is ME! The power is all mine.

For each of you out there your revelations will be different because they are for YOU. They are no less important or powerful than my own revelations. While you are out there raising your kids and feeling like you aren’t accomplishing much today because all you have managed is to feed the kids, change the diapers etc. Don’t feel like you aren’t creating a pathway to your goals and your dreams because you are growing and changing on the inside. The lessons you are learning right now are changing who you are and one day they will be apparent to everyone else and they are going to say “Wow, you have really grown” and you are going to think to yourself ” Oh that, that happened a long time ago.”


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