Blessings in Infertility

I had lunch with a wonderful friend a few weeks ago and we discussed the concept of thinking about what we are grateful for each week. I must say that I haven’t been thinking about this so much while I have been faced with infertility but the more I thought about it the more I realized that my infertility is a blessing. Before you throw things at me out there let me explain.

I was thinking of the small things I am grateful for right now and realized I would not have these things in my life if my infertility had not forced me to begin to make lifestyle changes. I love my acupuncture treatements! Before I was told that I wouldn’t have children I would never have imagined going to acupuncture but it has become something that I look forward to and by consistently going I have become calmer and more peaceful. I also feel amazing changes in my body.

I also have re-discovered meditation. I am so excited about my meditation practice right now. I am able to focus better during mediation and I can become calm faster than I used too. It also brings a sense of joy and peace to my life. If I wasn’t going through infertility I would probably not be taking the time to pamper myself in this way and I feel less stressed and more energetic.

I also have made a few dietary changes that contribute to my health and aid my body to feel better along with the acupuncture and I am feeling healthy.

When I have days that I want to give up and believe me, even I have my moments, I think on these blessings. Infertility is a journey, a journey of your soul. You are faced with circumstances that you never imagined happening to you and surely never wanted to happen to you. Along the way, you begin to find yourself and hopefully you will find your voice as well. I am reminded of the words of Robert Frost,

” I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.”

Perhaps one day I will look back at my infertility journey as a path that has made all the difference.


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